Just how easy is bluefin to use?
How do I install my remap using bluefin?

You don't need any mechanical or technical knowledge, you don't even need to lift the bonnet - it's all done from the comfort of your driving seat. Start by simply plugging the bluefin handset into the diagnostic port (connecting you to the vehicle's Electronic Control Unit).

Just follow the straightforward procedure to receive your remap online (Method A, below). Alternatively, in many cases you simply plug bluefin into the diagnostic port of your vehicle, follow the clear on-screen prompts, and in a few minutes you're ready to drive off and bring your car alive (Method B, below).

How will I know it has worked?

Once you have installed your bluefin, you should feel the results in your vehicle the next time you drive it. However, to confirm the process has worked bluefin does a final check to ensure the correct data has been installed (or de-installed if reverting back to your original settings) before it is removed from your vehicle.

How does bluefin affect my car insurance?

You should inform your insurer of modifications to your car’s performance.
Premiums may remain unchanged by using our specialist partners, Adrian Flux, 08700 777888 – www.adrianflux.co.uk, who understand the benefits a bluefin brings.

Want to rediscover the joy of the open road? Then call Adrian Flux today, or click through the above web link to get an online quote.

What if I am not happy with the result?

If you are not happy with the results we offer a seven-day refund. Simply return your vehicle to its original settings and send your bluefin and your completed return form that came with your pack to Superchips using the address label supplied. Your statutory rights are not affected.

What if I lose my unit with my vehicle's original settings on it?

If you lose your bluefin once you have installed the new settings, Superchips can program a new handset with your vehicle’s original settings.

What other functionality does bluefin provide?

As well as being able to improve your vehicle's performance, bluefin can also be used:

    to return your vehicle to its original settings
    as a diagnostic tool to find faults on your vehicle*
    as an immobiliser/re-mobiliser*

*Not applicable to all vehicles. >> See Help Desk

How to install bluefin

step 1: Locate the diagnostic port in your vehicle.


step 2: connect the data lead on your bluefin to the diagnostic port.


step 3: your bluefin will display a welcome message. For the rest of the installation process follow the instructions displayed on your bluefin.


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